Movie Review: Anna Karenina

Ah, where to begin with this one?  Let’s start with the positives.  It is a unique take on the classic Tolstoy novel.  Director Joe Wright stages the film largely in the visual context of a Russian theater, using a stage, the wings, the catwalks and on-screen costume changes to give the viewer a different story-telling perspective. I liked much of this.  According to the woman I was with, the period costumes and the jewelry are stunning.  Also in the plus column, Keira Knightley, as the ill-fated Anna, is beautiful and easy to watch.

Where does this one miss (at least for me)?  Well, I felt the casting of Anna’s dashing love interest, Count Vronsky, really took me out of the film.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson kept reminding me of Gene Wilder in the Mel Brooks classic “Young Frankenstein,” with his tiny moustache and over-active eye movements.  I felt there was absolutely no chemistry between the two leads. Even my lady said she felt Anna should have stayed with her husband (played by a bearded Jude Law) than fall for that fop!

So, from this Suddenly Solo, I say that unless you are looking to impress a woman with your literate “class,” then I would save your rubles.


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