Am I Too Old To Date?

I have been asked this question by men who are in their 80s as well as by men who are in their 60s.

The answer to all of them, without reservation, is NO.  You are never too old to date.  And I speak from experience.  Remember, you have a lot to offer as a mature man who makes himself truly “available.”  By available, I mean that you are open to the possibility of companionship.  You may not be ready to actively pursue a dating relationship at this juncture.  But that doesn’t mean you should withdraw from society at large.

Get out there.  Join a group that shares an interest.  I have found that alumni associations (college and high school) now stretch across the nation, so don’t think there are not alums near you.  I sometimes think that Facebook was invented for making just these types of connections!  And since most of these alum groups are organized by year of graduation, you are extremely likely to be in an appropriately-aged crowd!

I know guys who met women at bowling leagues, dance classes, and even defensive driving school!  The thing these venues share in common with each other is that none of them are conducted in your apartment!  They all require extending yourself beyond your at-home living environment, at least somewhat.

A piece of advice: if you feel you are “old,” you will come across to others as being old.  On the other hand, if you feel good about yourself and excited about the possibilities for your future, this will be reflected in your demeanor and that will be appreciated by men and women alike.  Having friends of both genders will almost certainly lead to social situations that can, in turn, lead to meeting potential “dates.”  And these friends may be in relationships themselves but are happy to include you in their plans (as they should be in yours).  Invite them to movies or sporting events if for no other reason than to just get out.  Don’t worry about that silly “third wheel” logic as it doesn’t really apply anymore.


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