Look Good In Bed!

No matter if you are under the covers with someone else or you are solo, treat yourself to some nice sleepwear as part of your 2013 “upgrade” strategy!

Far too many of us Suddenly Solos overstay our welcome when it comes to bedtime fashion.  We find something that is comfortable and then we wear it until it self-destructs.  Well, that seldom creates a mindset for you (or a female companion!) that speaks to any element of self-confidence or pride in appearance.   And while we certainly subscribe to “comfort,” especially when it comes to the bedroom, we also believe that there is a balance to be found between silk pajamas with ascots and dirty boxer shorts!

Consider purchasing a few sets of new pajamas.  They don’t have to be matched tops and bottoms if that is not your style.  The trend is a patterned bottom and solid top (these are often displayed as “sets” in a department store or online catalog if you feel fashion-challenged). You can match the bottoms with long- or short-sleeved tops, depending on the time of year and personal temperature preference.

Cotton is always a good choice for fabric, and you might want to price-shop for the more expensive weaves as they feel better against your skin and they last longer after repeated washings.  Several pairs or combinations will enable you to always have a clean set between wash days.

If you haven’t purchased a new bathrobe in the past five years, now is the time!  There are many different lengths and styles out there.  We have found the longer lengths to be the most comfortable and flattering.  Dark solids contrast well with patterned and light colored pajamas underneath.

Slippers?  Give them some thought.  They offer morning comfort and a “finished look” to your nighttime look (but avoid the overly-fluffy ones, lest you be mistaken for an overgrown five-year-old!).

The bottom line is that you will feel better in new pajamas and sleepwear and they give the right impression to anyone else who will be viewing them.

Sweet dreams!


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