Pay Our Own Household Expenses

Dear Hal,
I have been living with a woman for just over two years now, mostly in my home, although she has a place of her own in a different state where we have spent the past two winters. We pay our own household expenses. This winter, I asked her to upgrade her cable television package to include more sports and I paid the additional amount. Now we watch many of the games together. Am I being stupid to even think that she should help out with the additional charge since she is watching it too?
Sports Guy
Dear Sports Guy,
Your basic arrangement makes good sense, so come on, give a little. I’m sure you’re not counting each penny you spend vs. each penny she spends. That will only lead to trouble. Just think of the joy you have when the two of you cuddle up to watch a good game wherever you are. Isn’t that worth a few bucks?

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