Should I Tell The “Kittens” To Back Off?

Dear Hal,
I am fortunate to see several ladies on social occasions and I enjoy their company for many individual reasons. One of my “dates” is a woman who I really like, but she dresses in a way that I think is a bit too provocative for some people (not me, however!). When I am out with other women, they are quite “catty” about her attire and I just change the subject as best I can. Should I tell the lady in question what I am hearing? Should I tell the “kittens” to back off? Help!
Cat Nipped in California
Dear Cat Nipped,
Wow! You are treading in dangerous territory. She has developed her style over some years and apparently is happy with it. It is part of the image she wants to project and apparently one that is satisfying to you. So if she doesn’t care what women think (and believe me, catty women have let her know), then forget about it.
But there is one other aspect that only you can answer. Are you concerned that her dress may be provocative to other men? Certainly that can lead to tensions that could be avoided. Perhaps the next time she asks you about her dress, you might ask if she thinks it might be a bit too short? It just might get her thinking about her style. (There is an article about dress and makeup for women related to age in our “Hot Topics” that she might find of interest!)
P.S. Our readers would certainly like to know more about your successful balance in dating “several ladies.” How do you manage it?

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  1. Sorry but if a guy I was starting to date made the comment about my dress length- I would write him off (I an 63)- how dare he when I am just beginning to date him.

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