Movie Review: The Impossible

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was the third most powerful trembler ever recorded by a seismograph.  It was felt as far away as Alaska.  The recorded images of the water from the resultant tsunami racing inland that were taken by tourists are still vivid in the minds of most of us as terrifying reminders of nature’s power.

“The Impossible” recreates the real-life story of a family who were vacationing at a luxury resort right on the beach when the tsunami struck on December 26th.  Caught completely unawares, the family gets swept away and the mother, Maria (Naomi Watts), and the eldest of her three sons, thirteen year-old Lucas (Tom Holland), incredibly survive.  They are left to traverse the resultant devastation in the hopes of finding her husband (Ewan McGregor) and her other two boys.  Seriously injured, Maria relies increasingly on her son, who grows up before our eyes in the cruel landscape that remains.

Naomi Watts is nominated for an Academy Award for her performance but, to me, the acting accolade rightfully goes to Tom Holland for his wonderfully honest portrayal as a reluctant hero.  The movie has incredible special effects but they are not overused… this is a human drama and not a forum for technical achievements.  I cried, every woman in the theater cried even more, and every mother who has a son positively bawled – and with good reason.  Take some tissues (more if you have a date) and see it.


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