She is Still a Mystery to Me!

Besides being the title to a lesser-known Lovin’ Spoonful song, it expresses one of life’s most enduring conundrums!  Women are fascinating and often difficult-to-understand creatures.  And our years of experience haven’t made it any easier to figure them out.  However, here are a few of the somewhat lesser-known “clues” that may make it just a little easier to decode them from a study of happy couples conducted by WebMD!

  • Women like caring men.  They appreciate a guy with a sensitive side, especially when they’re upset. Put your arm around her and hand her a tissue. Nurturing is a powerful way to connect.
  • Women respond to the color red. OK, this tip didn’t come from women, but from clever testing by psychologists of women’s subconscious preferences. One study found that the color red made men seem more powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable to women. There’s a caveat, though. Red doesn’t make guys appear nicer or kinder. That part is up to you.
  • Nodding is not enough! Listening is important, but she also wants to know that she is being heard. Nodding along won’t cut it.  When she pauses, she’s giving you a cue to respond in a compassionate, caring way.
  • Performance anxiety is shared. When you have an off-night and can’t perform in bed, she feels bad, too. She might worry that she doesn’t turn you on and she will want assurance that that is not true. She may want to talk about what’s going on and, although it can be a difficult conversation, talking about it is a plus and can bring you closer together.

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  1. Bojar

    So, this is like a very carefully choreographed dance… I like nodding.. and napping.. Performance…, Shmerformance…. Sounds like a lot of trouble to me… 

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