A Man’s Morning Maintenance!

Like most guys, as soon as the alarm clock rings/beeps/turns on the radio, etc., I hightail it to the bathroom and give my bladder a much-needed break.  But after that blissful interlude, I have discovered a few things from trial-and-error that I now share with you, my fellow Suddenly Solos, in the hope they provide even a little bit of assistance in the AM!

  • Turn all bottles, lotions, cans, etc., in your medicine chest so the labels face outward.   I have found myself holding Preparation H instead of toothpaste in an early morning stupor.  The labels help me make the right grasp when I’m not yet fully up to speed!
  • Put toothbrushes, razors, etc., into plastic cups so they don’t drip on other items.  Always use plastic cups… glass can break.  Replace the cups every Sunday (it’s a routine).  Keep these cups in the medicine cabinet, if possible, so the sink area looks “neat” in case you have a guest!
  • If you wear glasses, clean them now with warm water and some soap on your fingertips. Dry with tissues so they don’t get streaks.
  • I clean my diver’s metal watch and metallic band in the shower with a nail brush.
  • I have a squeegee from Frontgate.com that I use after my shower on the glass doors.  It keeps them really clean and free from soap scum.  If you have a soap film on the glass, use a moist dryer softening fabric sheet to clean it, then rinse.
  • Shave right after you get out of the shower.
  • Get a magnifying mirror and use it to help “target” stray nose and ear hair as part of your “manscaping.”  (Check to see if any of your chest hair “blossoms” out of the top of your shirt.  If it does, cut it – women hate rogue hair growth!)


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