Replacement Therapy!

We’re not talking anything medical here . . . although failure to “heave” some of these may result in a visit to the Doctor!  With spring on the doorstep, here are some things you should give serious consideration to replacing in your life:

Towels – If you shower every day, these take a beating. Assuming you launder them at least periodically, they will start of stiffen and fray in a year or so.  We think a two year life span is max.  Give thought to new colors!

Pillows – We all have our “comfy” pillow(s). But even these favorites loose their flex and their hygiene after a while.  You can stretch their lifespan with a freshening bit of sun-therapy. My mother used to put our pillows in the sun for an hour every two months and there was a noticeable difference.  But if you live on the 27th floor and can’t see yourself doing this, then again a 2 year tenure is about it.

Kitchen Spices – As Suddenly Solos, we use a lot of these to give a “kick” to our cuisine.  However, they lose their potency after six months or so.  If you find yourself using more table salt in addition to the paprika for example, it may be time to re-stock the spices.

And, probably the most forgotten retirement candidate:

Bath Mat – When you think about it, this soldier reports for active duty an awful lot and gravity and compression drive water deep into the fibers.  I suggest no more than a year for this loyal servant.

A corollary advantage to renewing any of the above is that visitors will notice their freshness rather than their tawdriness!


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