Sex Hints for Suddenly Solo Guys


We understand that you probably know it all when it comes to sex(!), but as we have moved into our late-in-life prime, perhaps we can give you a few (as Ed Norton would say) “pernters!”

  • Soft lighting. Everybody and everything looks better in flattering light. No overhead fixtures.  Candles or diffused illumination from lamps that use 3 way bulbs that start at 25W.  Even the sexiest, twenty-something starlet knows that harsh lighting is a buzz-kill!
  • Silk.  Women love the touch and feel of this.  Well-fitted pj’s or a robe made of silk is a definite turn on.  No tidy-whitey’s or worn boxers . . . ever!
  • If you like sex toys, be sure to discuss this with your partner prior to bringing out the arsenal. Honesty, expectations, and personal desires are a two-way street!  Don’t leave toys or lubes lying around your bedroom . . . it is not a turn-on.
  • Position. None of us (male or female) are as fit as we were when teenagers. Allow you and your partner the advantage of getting into a position that doesn’t unfairly accentuate sag or flab.  Side to side, spooning, etc. work well.
  • Timing.  Spur of the moment sex is great if you are up to it but if you need to pop a pill before magic-time, then speak up.  It’s not a secret that many men need use some ED meds.  Women also appreciate, “time well spent” while chemistry does its thing!

Accepting each other for who we are now is one of the great luxuries of being mature.  Both sexes bring a lot to the bedroom these days and appreciating the entire person as more than just their body is a wonderful part of the intimacy.


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