Sexy Aging

Each of us has our own attitudes about aging. We hope that most of our Suddenly Solos feel positively about what we more precisely call “maturing.” Well, an attitudinal study of 2,000 people nationwide on this subject was conducted by Allure Magazine in partnership with market research firm Penn Schoen Berland and they found several fascinating things that relate directly to us.

For example, sex improves as you get older, according to 57 percent of the men and women polled. And as aging skews the “single male to single female” ratio in the guy’s direction, we men would logically tend to benefit as potential partners, right?

Another interesting finding: Women in their 60s are less likely to say that they don’t like to show their bodies in sexual situations because of the signs of aging than women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s are. This sense of confidence in their sexuality is wonderful for both men and women!

Who’s doing the aging thing right? The favorite role models for aging gracefully in the study are an elegant, talented woman and a graying, charming man. In case you didn’t guess who they are, the ideals are Meryl Streep, 63, and George Clooney, 51.

And perhaps the best (and most uplifting) part of the study, when asked what they fear more about aging—dying or looking old—the largest number of respondents, especially the older ones, say they fear neither.

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