Best Things About Being Single

A study conducted earlier this year by the Del Webb Company of Baby Boomers (born in the years 1946-1964) revealed some interesting attitudes.

The vast majority of single boomers (81%) said that the best part of their single status is having the freedom to do whatever they want. Thirty-three percent (33%) of those said that “freedom” gives them the opportunity to engage in social activities, hobbies, and spend time with friends.

Thirty-four percent (34%) of the women said they enjoyed not having to clean up after another person (14% of men said the same). Forty-five percent (45%) of all the boomers answered that they want to meet other people and be “social,” but marriage was not necessarily on their “to do” list.  Of the widowers surveyed, 29% said they would like to have a companion but did not want to remarry.  Fully 46% of the divorced guys said the same thing.

For Suddenly Solo, this validates our position that being single has its advantages.  However, being single is not the same as being alone.  Socialization has been shown to be an important therapeutic component of successful maturing.  So celebrate your status… with others!


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