Toilets and First Impressions

Don’t kid yourself.  A less than tidy bathroom can profoundly impact the image that people (men and women alike) have of you.  If your lavatory is dingy, it implies that you are also less “clean.”  A study of 1,000 women conducted by Men’s Health magazine revealed that 67% of them felt bathroom cleanliness was very important. It’s just the way it is.

Imagine that you have a special someone over for a nightcap or just to watch a DVD and they excuse themselves to use “the facilities.” There they find the toilet seat cracked, the bowl stained, or hair.  It’s likely to be an early evening for you.  Fortunately, it can be easily avoided. The first, no-cost step is to just put things away. Things should look tended to, but you needn’t hide your toothbrush.  Put a new bar of soap in the soap dish.  Now, here are some other, slightly more labor-intensive (but worthy!) ideas to maintain your restroom reputation!

  • Replace the toilet seat.  No matter if you rent or own your place, this is an easy upgrade. Do it!
  • Replace light bulbs.  Use the color correcting versions (i.e., GE Reveal).
  • Put out new guest towels.
  • Steam clean the sink, floor, and toilet to remove years of stains.


  • Replacing the toilet entirely.  They crack, stain, and scratch over time.
  • Putting in some new faucets, fixtures, and towel arms.
  • Re-caulking.  This can really brighten up the room.

In our Suddenly Solo book, we refer to the bathroom as a potential battleground site where conflicts can quickly develop and explosively escalate.  Even guest bathrooms should be considered a potentially image-damaging locale. Take some preemptive measures to avoid problems!


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