Date Driving Downers

Believe it or not, you can be judged by the way you drive when you are with a lady!  Women extrapolate behind-the-wheel manners to your personality, ethics, and moral fiber.  So here are some things to look out for when you are going to be in your car with a woman:

  • Driving Too Fast.  It’s not high school anymore. Tire-squealing peel-outs do absolutely nothing to impress a woman, nor will over-the-top speeding. Watch your speedometer, keep up with the flow of traffic, and make her feel safe.
  • Tailgating.  See above.
  • Turn Signals.  Possibly the biggest cliché we older drivers unfairly suffer with is failure to signal or failure to cancel it.  It’s difficult to think of a case of overuse, so be sure you impress her with your signal savvy.
  • Road Rage. Don’t lose your cool.  Take any vehicular idiocy you encounter in stride and don’t resort to horn-honking, yelling, bright light-flashing, etc.  Rely on karma to get it right in the future.
  • Alternate Merge­.  Let people in front of you.  It shows you’re a believer in human rights!
  • Pay For Parking.  Aimlessly driving around looking for free street parking, which almost always will result in a long walk and the sense that you are bit of a cheapskate. Do the valet thing – it speaks better of you.
  • Posture.  Strike an in-control pose that is not overly casual (one hand draped over the top of the wheel at the wrist) or too nervous (white knuckle death-grip at 10 and 2).  Think airline pilot.

You don’t necessarily need to detail your car, but be sure it is at least reasonably clean both inside and out. Don’t use any car fragrance devices (it’s cheesy). Don’t manically keep tuning the radio. Find a station you like (hooray for satellite!) and keep it playing lightly in the background so you can hear each other easily (no talk radio, please). If you have a convertible, forget about putting the top down (at least initially).  Women don’t want to mess up their hair.  It might be permissible on the way home, but ask first!

We can devote pages and pages on what kind of car is the “best” for making a great first impression (and we welcome your input here), but almost every “sexiest car ever built” list almost always includes one of our favorites, an XKE Jaguar (but, you’d better leave some extra time for roadside repair if you use one!).  Good luck out there, Parnelli!


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