Watching Baseball with a Woman

Many of us Suddenly Solos are baseball fans.  We may not be fanatics, but it’s safe to say that most guys like to watch a ball game at least once in a while.  After all, as boys, most of us played the game and probably dreamed of becoming a big leaguer (until reality stepped in).

With the season now underway, we have found it very enjoyable to share the experience of watching a major league game with a woman. There is something very appealing about a woman who knows the game or even a newbie who asks good questions about it.  However, this scenario is not easy to create.  Most women are knee-jerk-resistant to watching baseball.  “It’s too long” or “Nothing happens” are now their conditioned responses to any baseball-based invitation.  Yet, with the right level of consideration, preparation and entreaty, you can actually create a new fan of the sport and enjoy the process as well.

For a completely resistant lady, you can first suggest watching a few movies about baseball that will appeal to her.  “A League of Their Own” and “Bull Durham” are good introductions to the game and will feminize the experience.  “Moneyball” has the advantage of easy-on-the-eyes Brad Pitt to hook a woman into the game. You should definitely laugh when she laughs and be prepared to happily (and simply) explain what a “cut-off man” is when it comes up.

Here are some other strategies you can try:

  • Appeal to geography.  Do you have a hometown team?
  • Maybe she has grandchildren in Detroit – get her to root for the Tigers.  You get the idea.
  • Break up the experience.  Don’t make a woman watch nine innings at once.  Three innings is a good start.
  • Beefcake.  With the lack of padding and some revealing high-definition close-ups, your lady may enjoy some of the visual sex appeal.  There are plenty of well-developed biceps and glutes on display as the season progresses that might hook her in (although she may not admit to it).
  • Ease into the nuance.  Comment on how a long at-bat will tire the pitcher (pitch count) and give the batter more opportunity to see different pitches.  Note the looks of concentration and reactions of the players.
  • Don’t overcomplicate things with the math. Pick just one statistic (ERA, Batting Average, etc.) and explain how it’s calculated.  Then note it when it comes up on the screen.
  • Sprinkle the experience with beer, wine and some snacks.  Don’t be upset if she “checks out” by napping!  Remember, it’s just a game!


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