Robot and Frank:

If you have read our book, Suddenly Solo, you know we strongly recommend getting off your butt and putting yourself out there!

The public library in my town shows semi-recent and classic films two or three times a week and they’re free!  That’s how I got to see this wonderfully acted, little off-beat comedy. Set in the near future, it stars Frank Langella (who drove the ladies wild when he played Dracula) and Susan Sarandon (who always has and always will drive me wild).  He is a retired jewel thief who is given a robot by his well-meaning son to aid him in his old age but he promptly trains it to help in further thievery.  Ms. Sarandon is an understanding librarian… or is she?   And while we’re conjecturing, is Frank really going over the edge, mind-wise?

This diverting film is clever, amusing, and scores lots of points for the retired set.  It is filled with many little surprises, so watch it carefully.   And even if you didn’t bring a date with you, this film will be an easy conversation starter with any lady who comes away with a questioning look!


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