We Live In A Crazy World These Days

Dear Hal,
The news today is so depressing and inescapable. The woman I am seeing (she is 66 and I am 70) can’t help but wonder what has gone wrong with the world we live in. While we don’t believe in burying our heads in the sand, we wonder if there is any way we can become a bit “happier” these days while still being connected with this crazy world we live in?
News Nervous
Dear News Nervous,
Interestingly, in the afterword of our book written by Bill Novelli (the former CEO of AARP), he suggested that you always remain “engaged” in life. So you are quite right in not trying to hide from the world! However, you can connect to the world more manageably by undertaking local activities that are of particular interest to you. While these may not be world-changing, they will still help you remain in contact with issues going on in the community that you directly impact and they will also allow you to disconnect a bit more easily as a result of their local perspective. With social media and the fecundity of information conduits, news is indeed inescapable. Perhaps making a rule that you will turn off the TV and cell phones at 10p.m. and then share a glass of wine with each other might help to edge off the day and allow you to really decompress. It’s not in our nature to isolate ourselves from world issues, but we are still entitled to some “me and us” time to achieve a healthy balance.


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