Yoga + Guys = Broga!

Even though there are many benefits to yoga, the fact of the matter is (at least for us guys) is that it is often extremely difficult to do… gracefully.  And when you factor in that your rear end is often directly in some woman’s line of sight, you are easily tempted to just grab your mat and go home.  Yoga is unquestionably a woman’s game.  In a study conducted by Yoga Journal in 2012, 82.2 percent of the 20.4 million people who practice this ancient Hindu art are female.  But things are changing.

Two male teachers in Massachusetts trademarked the name “broga” (combining yoga and “bros…” get it?) and developed a style that caters to a male’s anatomy and mindset (  For example, the staple of most yoga classes is “downward-facing dog,” which is a killer for guys with tight hamstrings.  Broga de-emphasizes such agony-inducing poses for more male-friendly positions like Savasana – the “corpse pose,” which is a relaxing, centering position.

Broga is not all easy to do and just fun and games, however.  There are helpful stretches that increase flexibility, strength-enhancement poses, and “mind-relaxing” moments that all add up to a wonderful, custom-tailored approach that is comfortable for a Suddenly Solo to adopt into a regular part of their lifestyle.

Check around to find a Broga program (often taught as part of a more traditional approach) and don’t be surprised if there are some women in the class.  It seems that the ladies sometimes join for the strengthening workout aspects of this regimen.


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