We Knew It All Along! Bras Aren’t Necessary!

Leave it to the French to research this important topic.  The results of a mammoth 15-year study led by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Besançon in eastern France indicate that conventional wisdom about bras and back pain has been way off the mark.

According to Rouillon, a sports science expert, the lesson to be learned from the preliminary results of his marathon experiment is that “bras are a false necessity.”

“Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra,” said Professor Rouillon.  In a classic case of “nice work if you can get it,” using a slide rule and caliper, Rouillon spent years carefully measuring changes in the orientation of breasts belonging to hundreds of women at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (University Hospital) in Besançon.  After regularly measuring women who were not wearing bras, the scientists concluded that “their nipples lifted, on average, seven millimeters in one year in relation to the shoulders.” The initial data indicated that when the research women stopped wearing a bra, there was no detriment in the orientation of their breasts and, in fact, there was widespread improvement.

The 320 women involved in the study were aged between 18 and 35, and the professor was keen to stress that the group was not representative of the global population of females. “It would be of no benefit to a 45-year-old mother to stop wearing a bra,” he warned.

Rouillon added that he felt his study was as yet incomplete and that “We will simply have to recruit a larger sample of the female population, and conduct further research.”  We will let you know if there is a call for research assistants.


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