Accept a Gift Graciously

With Father’s Day coming up, you probably count on getting at least one or more “clunkers” from well-meaning gift-givers.  After all, tastes change and the way we view ourselves may be at least somewhat at odds with the way others envision us.  But no matter how awful or useless a gift is, it still represents a generosity of spirit from the giver which must always be celebrated… at least in public!  So take the advice of a battle-hardened receiver of many less than perfect gifts and keep the peace by remembering these hints:

  • Smile.  Don’t let shock ever creep into your expression. Say thank you, no matter what.  No eye-rolling – it’s a sure path to trouble.
  • If the gift is clothing, hold it up and comment about how great it looks with your eye color or how it will be prefect for that trip you’re planning.
  • Engraved gifts are extremely personal and reflect a good deal of thought, so be especially grateful.  They are nonreturnable, so you will have to live with it and trot it out again when the gift-giver comes to your home!
  • Write a thank you note anyway.  A follow-up communication will make you seem all the more appreciative.
  • Re-gift carefully.  If you are going to give the gift away (it happens!), be sure it re-enters the gift stream far away from the social circle that gave it.  Think out-of-state!


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