It’s no secret that being uncomfortable with technology is no longer an option.  If you want to really participate in life’s banquet these days, getting online and making it a part of your routine is essential.  I’m not saying that this is a good thing, but it is just the way of the world these days.

To put things into perspective, I am 86 years old and have an iPhone, iPad and a MacAir. I use them all the time to keep in touch with my family and conduct Suddenly Solo business.  My partner and I could not possibly have written our book nor manage the numerous inquiries and requests we get without our smart phones and laptops. And we live less than two miles from each other!

I can’t say that moving my life online has been a completely painless process. I still have a fear that everything will disappear from “the ether” by my pressing the wrong button.  As a result, I take a leap of faith each time I enter an appointment on my iPhone and don’t write it down manually somewhere.  However, I have not yet had any real disasters.  The fact that my data is backed up on the iCloud (whatever that is) has given me confidence to retire my calendar and address book…  well, maybe not quite yet.  But I’m getting better.

If you are having trouble making the move online in any facet (email, texting, Facebook, photo archiving, scheduling, etc.), I heartily endorse the Apple Store and its classes for users.  I can’t speak for PCs as I haven’t used one for years but I assume there are similar educational offerings for Android and non-Apple devices.

I have also found that when you schedule an appointment, you should put in a usable alarm notification. If you have to be somewhere that takes an hour to get to, putting an alarm for one hour in advance likely won’t give you enough time to get ready and make it gracefully.  Factor in plenty of time.

Put in passwords on your device(s). I can’t describe the panic I felt when I couldn’t find my iPad and thought I had left it somewhere.  I subsequently found it at home, but it convinced me to put in a password to prevent strangers from accessing the information in it.  Strongly consider purchasing devices that have locating software and remote “wipe clean” options, just in case.

Overall, I have found having a smart phone, tablet and laptop to be very beneficial to me on many levels.  Since you are reading this, I assume you are at least partially familiar with what I am speaking about.  Go ahead and push your comfort level to really experience all the neat things that are out there!



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