Baby Boomer “Animal House?”

As we well know, Baby Boomers (born 1948-1964) are increasingly single. Specifically, one out of three are unmarried and the majority of these unattached folks are women.  And while this works out well for men who are looking for single females in our Suddenly Solo demographic, it has presented issues for women who are concerned about caring for themselves as they continue to age.  Of course, we guys worry about this as well, but women often find themselves having to resituate themselves from homes they lived in for years as expenses and maintenance become overwhelming.

And another big problem for single boomer women is that they’re not financially prepared to hire the caregivers they might need if they don’t have family members to volunteer the time.

As a result, a growing number of these women are creating “group living” scenarios to pre-position potential caregivers among their friends and other like-minded women.  A very interesting article on this type of communal living was published on an NPR blog and it featured what is called a “Golden Girls House,” where its youngest tenant is 60.  The outreach for potential “roomies” was made on Craigslist.

As noted in the article, “if you’re a boomer and you liked that group house you shared in college or just after, good for you. The United States is one of the few developed nations that have no organized public policy for providing long-term care — so group living may be in your future as well as your past.”

Although the NPR piece is female-centric, there is certainly much to be said for the idea for males. In fact, we would tend to think that men might be a more harmonious group dynamic (think Oscar in The Odd Couple!) in a communal setting.



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  1. Sandie

    This is something I have talked about with my women friends for years and I am glad to see others are starting to do it. I am still pretty active and independent (only68) so therefore not quite ready. However, I know the time will come and communal living sounds like a good option.

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