Your Car is a Criminal’s Friend!

Think about it.  Your car contains enough information to find out where you live and even provide access to your home!

Many of us have become far too cavalier about leaving our car registration available to anyone parking or servicing our vehicle.  Is yours in a locked glove compartment? It should be!  Prying eyes can note your home address and garage door openers can be the functional equivalent of a key to your front door.

Most cars come with “valet” access options that will not open a glove box or trunk.  In a more perfect world, you should carry your registration with you, but we realize that with multiple drivers, this is not often convenient.

As a precaution, always lock the door to your home that is in the garage and try not to leave papers (i.e., your mail) on the seat when you park your car.  These can be a “heads up” for a crafty criminal!


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