Movie Review: Now You See Me

A lot of money went into making this film and it’s all up there on the screen.  Big effects and equally big-name talent perform larger-than-life feats of prestidigitation as part of the plotline.

Briefly, four illusionists are recruited by a mysterious individual who wants them to continually up their game while extracting a measure of revenge for a long-ago act of negligence.  Their now combined talents perform acts of large-scale larceny in front of huge audiences (international bank robberies happen in front of huge crowds) that defy credulity and, of course, attract the attention of Interpol and FBI agents.

Jessie Eisenberg, Michael Caine, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, David Franco (James’ younger brother), and Isla Fisher make up the cast of likeable rogues, cops and ne’er-do-wells in what is basically a caper film.

I liked this movie, although I found it hard to follow at times, owing to plot twists and, in what should have been expected by me, lots of misdirection.  It is most certainly a date movie with its lush locations and non-gory action.  Don’t set the bar too high – I would give “Now You See Me” three and a half out of five rabbits in a hat and say go see it.


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