National Widowers Organization

In many ways, widowers are one of the most underserved populations in the United States. We know this from firsthand experience.  It is one of the major reasons we founded Suddenly Solo.

Fortunately, we have recently become aware of a wonderful group, the National Widowers Organization (, who aptly describes themselves as “a clearinghouse, a connecting house, and information center” for widowers.

Among the many targeted programs they offer (they are a 501c3 non-profit), we feel their peer-to-peer support outreach is especially helpful. Through this program, volunteer widowers are available to:

  • Contact a widower by telephone
  • Listen with compassion
  • Offer reassurance that surviving the death of a wife is possible
  • Recommend helpful things to do that ease the adjustment to a new life
  • Provide information about support groups and other resources that might be available.

Although not a counseling service, such outreach can be an extremely important part of successfully navigating the grieving process.

To find out more about the many available services at the NWO, they can be reached by email at or by calling 800-309-3658 for more information.

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