Book Review: What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire

“What Do Women Want?  Adventures in the Science of Female Desire” – By Daniel Bergner

Just the title would seem to guarantee it as a popular beach-read this summer by both men and women!  Whetting one’s literary appetite, Daniel Bergner’s book was recently excerpted as the cover story in the New York Times Magazine (May 26th) and it cleverly challenges long-held beliefs of a woman’s sex drive as well as their capacity to maintain long-term ardor in a marriage (just like guys!).

Citing extensive research that included hooking women up to sensors that measured genital arousal while showing images of various types of sexual congress, he notes that women seem to crave sexual novelty just as much as men do.  In addition, women seem to struggle with monogamy every bit as much as males do.

The focus of the book seems to be that women are hard-wired pretty much the same as guys to want and enjoy sex, but social conventions make it difficult for them to express these desires lest they appear too carnal.

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to the book’s title, so don’t think you can skip around and find that “magic bullet.” However, it is a truly fascinating read that takes us on a fascinating journey through historical misconceptions, evolutionary pressures, and leading-edge research.  We liked it!


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