Women and Foot Massages

I don’t usually divulge my “secrets” for making women swoon, but I guess it’s okay to let my fellow Suddenly Solos know this move…

Foot massage.

I have found that 90% of women really love to have their feet massaged and it goes a long way to help them relax and be responsive to you.  Here is my technique:

  • Prepare.  Have your living room couch ready by being sure it is free from yesterday’s newspapers or cat hair!  If you find yourself at her place, see that she doesn’t bother herself with making you anything.  Mix drinks for her or serve her any food that she likes.
  • Set up throw pillows so her back is supported while she puts her bare feet on your lap.  Put a pillow beneath them.
  • Gently (key word here) use your fingers to massage her heel, the ball of the foot, and toes.  Use enough pressure so you aren’t tickling her, but not enough to really “push” on her soles.  Focus on these three areas as the middle portion of the foot is especially sensitive as it anchors tendons.
  • Do one foot at a time, spending at least a minute on each before switching.
  • Make eye contact occasionally, but mostly concentrate on her feet.  Smile a bit when your eyes meet.
  • Listen.  Is she enjoying your efforts?  After a few minutes, ask her if she would like you to massage her harder.  Again, never be so aggressive that she flinches as you will never recover from it!

Done correctly, you will have a very relaxed lady on your hands who may ask you to do work on shoulders or other parts.  This is good!

On the other hand, I have had women actually fall asleep during the massage.  In such cases, I will gently move their feet, cover them with a blanket, give them a little kiss on the forehead, and then quietly leave.  Then, I just wait for her phone call or email thanking me and apologizing.  This bodes even better for the next date, so don’t take her nodding off as a negative.  Good luck, Dr. Scholl!


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