Movie Review: The Heat

If you’ve read enough of our reviews here, you probably know that we have a soft spot for comedies.  After all, why spend good money to go to a movie and come out feeling worse than you did when you went in?

Well, we think you will certainly be smiling when you leave the theater after seeing the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy flick, “The Heat.”  This is a classic buddy film with women in the leads.  The mix-match of the straight-laced FBI agent (Bullock) and street-wise Boston cop (McCarthy) makes for many great sight gags as well as raunchy punch lines as these two try to bust a vicious drug ring.

There are no real surprises to the plot, but the stars bring a fresh take on things with their at-each-other’s-throats dynamic.  Melissa McCarthy really breaks through as a comedic talent (she was great in “Bridesmaids” in a supporting part) and Sandra Bullock recaptures much of what we loved about her in the past.

With the strong female characters, this is definitely a date movie, but it is peppered with salty language throughout and not for the prudish. That said, my date laughed out loud many times and I did as well.  So far, “The Heat” has the best laughs per dollar of any movie I’ve seen this year.  Take a break from the summer swelter and see it.


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