Happy 60th Birthday, Corvette!

Chevrolet’s iconic ‘Vette turned 60 in June of this year!

Although there are many sports cars out there, we don’t think that any other car was lusted after so widely while we Suddenly Solos were growing up as the Corvette.  It’s hard to really quantify the reasons for its enduring popularity (in the interest of complete disclosure, I had a ’69!), but here are some possible explanations for its success through the years:

  • It’s affordable.  Dollar for dollar, there is probably no better value in a performance car.  It does 90% of what most other “super” cars can do for less than half the price.
  • It’s rolling history.  Its looks are unique and its automotive DNA is well-known. Everybody has a story about one growing up.
  • It’s drivable.  Corvettes instill great owner love and loyalty, but they are definitely not “trailer queens” that are trucked from car show to car show.  They beg to be driven.  Men and women alike can be comfortable in the driver’s seat (especially the newer models).
  • It’s sociable.  Other ‘Vette owners always wave to you on the road and welcome you into the Corvette society that seems to exist everywhere.
  • It’s a hoot.

It’s certainly not our place to tell you how to spend your money.  But if you have ever thought about owning one, we say go for it.  There are many used ones out there if purchasing a new one is not your style but, like with all used cars, do your homework first.  It’s a great present to yourself and a fitting celebratory gesture for America’s sports car!



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