Of Course. We Put the “Men” in Menopause

It’s not as though we don’t get blamed for enough things.  Now research shows that male behavior is what created menopause.

Using computer simulations, researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario discovered that the widely accepted theory that women age out of childbearing (called the “grandmother hypothesis”) is not accurate.

Instead, Rama S. Singh, the author of the study, believes that menopause is due to the behavioral process of men seeking out and having children with younger women. This alters genetics among women in the 50-plus age group who are no longer reproducing, heralding menopause.

“Men don’t pick women with their eyes closed. They’re attracted to beautiful women who are more likely to be younger than older. When that happens, men are busy reproducing with younger women. That means women on the other end, older women, are less likely to reproduce,” said Singh.

If this genetic trigger can be found, it might be possible to delay menopause in women.

Our own Suddenly Solo research shows that we men prefer the company of women who share similar interests and are close to us in age.  But unlike the above referenced study, our demographic was not focused on men who were interested in having children.

The study appears in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. To read the article click here.


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