Giving Jewelry as a Gift

Unlike flowers that can be given at any time, without a reason, jewelry comes with a far greater sense of meaning and message for a woman.  There is really no “casual” circumstance when jewelry is involved. It comes with a gravitas that you should be very careful about.  Giving jewelry too early in a relationship can sink it far more quickly than waiting.  Jewelry is forever.  Chances are, if the relationship ends, you probably aren’t getting the jewelry back. That being said, if you are going to give someone jewelry, you want to make sure the relationship is going to last for a while or that you see a future with the person you are buying jewelry for.  This is especially important for Suddenly Solos.  I suggest waiting at least a year before making such a gesture.

Practice “Safe Jewelry” by considering type and price if you are indeed comfortable with the idea of giving jewelry to someone special.  Observe her style. Does she wear bracelets? Necklaces? Pendants?  Earrings?  Does she favor silver or gold or a little of both? There is no point in giving her something that she won’t wear.  Notice that I didn’t mention rings.  I just don’t think it’s a good idea to tread on such dangerous “ice.”  Even birthstone and other semi-precious stones I believe should not be given as rings.  Earrings are far safer and there is no question about fit.

Before you pick out anything, set a price point. Make sure it is a price point that you feel comfortable with, then start looking for something within that price range. It is not always about the cost of the jewelry; it’s about the thought that went into it and if the piece fits her personality and “style.”

Don’t make the mistake of giving any of your former spouse’s jewelry as a gift. It just comes with too much baggage and doesn’t speak well of your commitment to moving forward.



  1. I agree with your tips and would add stick to middle/low price range. Expensive gifts too early can create a sense of obligation. 

  2. Billy

    I make jewerly. I give what I think looks nice on her. I do control the prive!

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