I’ll Have An Old-Fashioned

Dear Hal,
I met a very attractive woman as a result of an online posting. She and I share many of the same interests. Like you suggested, we first met for coffee at a nearby Starbucks and things went well. We then made a dinner date and she looked terrific when she arrived right on time. When the waiter asked if we wanted some drinks before dinner, she demurred but I ordered my favorite cocktail. She then explained to me that she is an alcoholic. Well, I felt awful about drinking my Old-Fashioned in front of her and I could not get that revelation out of my mind the entire evening. I am definitely attracted to her, but I’m wondering if I can ever move beyond the fact that she has this issue (which she is apparently dealing well with). Your thoughts?
Dear Old-Fashioned,
I don’t think that she has the issue. You do.
None of us are perfect. To this woman’s credit, she recognized that she has a problem and is maturely dealing with it. If anything, I think this makes her even more attractive as a human being in my estimation. If you haven’t blown it with her at this point, I would definitely ask her out again and see how you feel on a second date. If you are still uncomfortable knowing what you know about her, then I would do some serious inward introspection.


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