Time For A Change

It can be a very invigorating experience to change the way we look.  Making even minor “updates” to the person we see in the mirror can go a long way in energizing us and, in some cases, liberating us from the past.  Recognizing that we Suddenly Solos can be a little “set in our ways,” we hereby offer some easy things we can do just to keep things interesting . . .

  • Try a new hairstyle.   The nice thing about this is that it isn’t permanent and it can make a huge difference in your appearance.  We suggest that you discuss your options with your current barber (or perhaps try a new establishment to experiment).
  • Get a facial.  This is a whole lot cheaper than a face-lift!  A professional facial gives you a well-rested and toned look that is very appealing.  If you are up to it, think about a manicure and pedicure as well.
  • Purchase two new shirts and two new casual pairs of pants. This will give you four new outfits if you buy them with consideration for combinations.  Ask for help in this endeavor from a personal shopper at a department store. And tip the tailor who alters the pants, as they can really make or break your look.
  • Throw out any article of clothing you haven’t worn in over a year.  This will clean out your closet and keep your fashion at it’s most current.
  • Pop in for a teeth whitening.  This has an enormous impact on your appearance (our research shows women look at your smile first).  Don’t go for “movie star white”, just a few shades lighter will be more natural.

None of these suggestions are overly expensive and they all have the potential to elevate your spirits and open up new doors for you.  Give one a try and see what we mean!



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