Don’t Let Your Spectacles Make A Spectacle!

Most of us have at least one pair of glasses.  They may be reading glasses, sunglasses, bifocals, progressives, transitions, or who knows what they call them.  But, we feel very safe in stating that our Suddenly Solo noses are the resting place of some type of optical enhancement!

These days, glasses not only serve an important therapeutic function, but they are also a fashion statement.  Fortunately, the “retro” look is quite in these days so even if you haven’t updated your eyewear, they might well be considered quite hip.

Because many of us use them so often, we get accustomed to hazy, scratched, or just plain dirty lenses.  However, people who see them from the other side of your face can notice the lack of clarity and general cleanliness!  It’s really not surprising that they may fall into disrepair since we usually just take them off at night and then grab them first thing in the morning . . . not stopping to do any proper “pre-flight” maintenance.

We all know the wrong way to clean glasses . . . using your shirt.  This is not a good move.  First off, it looks ridiculous…but more importantly, your shirt is likely filled with dust and it can scratch the lenses.  If your lenses are more than a year or so old, you may have already doomed them with this methodology.  Consider getting a new pair (try a different style frame since they also degenerate over time, especially near the earpiece).

Especially for daily-use eyewear, consider washing them every morning as part of your wake-up routine. Regular kitchen soap is as good or better than those cleaning solutions you get at the optometrist.  Don’t use anything with ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner because those chemicals strip away coatings on your glasses.  To avoid this issue, you can get your glasses made with such coatings embedded into the lenses. Pay attention to cleaning the entire length of the “arm” of your frame as well.  If possible, dry them with a soft tissue or any clean, dry cotton cloth.

A good pair of eyeglasses is a great investment for both your vision and your style.  By taking care of them, the extra money you spend up front for a quality pair is worth it in the long run.


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