Order the Fruit Cocktail!

Yet another reason to eat plenty of fruit has emerged from research that was done over a 13-year span, following over 80,000 people in Sweden, ages 46 to 84. In this study, nearly 1,100 of them had abdominal aortic aneurysms. These bulges in the aorta are especially dangerous, as a rupture quickly leads to death from internal bleeding. Of the 1,100 who had the aneurysms, 222 of them burst.

What’s the connection to fruit? Those who ate more than two servings of fruit a day (not counting juice) had a 25% lower risk of having this condition and a 43% lower risk of rupture than those who ate less than one serving of fruit a day. This large study is enough evidence that it makes good sense to add more fruit to your diet. It’s easy to do, and delicious too!

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