Y U Should Txt In Emergencies

Texting is a skill set that you should know. Besides it being the most common way that your kids or grandkids now communicate with each other, it is also a viable communications conduit in the event of a widespread emergency or disaster.

By using text instead of the phone connection in such events, you leave the voice channels open for first responders. In addition, texts (or SMS – short message service) may complete more readily than a voice cell call. Cell companies transmit SMS messages on a so-called control channel set aside for network operations rather than on one of the channels designated for voice traffic. The control channel is the wireless channel used to set up and disengage a call, so a text message might make it through even when a network’s voice channels are too overloaded to handle additional calls.

You can group important people together in one of several aggregating apps (GroupME or Facebook Messenger for example) that will push text messages to several recipients to let them know that you are all right in an emergency and will contact them later.

Wired.com offered another helpful cell-phone hint in an emergency, “If you have to make one call, make it your own voice mail – change your outgoing message to say that you are fine by cannot answer the phone. When loved ones call and go directly to voice mail, they will at least know you are all right.”


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