Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

We at Suddenly Solo say YES.

Research shows that a man’s smile is the first thing most women notice when meeting for the first time so literally putting your money where your mouth is will be worth it.

Over the years, aging itself will darken your teeth . . . to say nothing about coffee, smoking (yuck!), tea, cola, red wine and the medication tetracycline. If you have not yet done anything to brighten your smile, the costs have come down markedly since the procedure was first introduced and the convenience factor has gone up. Tooth whitening was first done by a whitening gel placed in trays that fit over a person’s teeth. As the active ingredient in the gel, carbamide peroxide, is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and bleaches the colored substances. The structure of the tooth in not changed, only the tooth is made lighter and whiter. Fillings, crowns and bonded teeth will not lighten. Dentists have known for years that bleaching is a fast, safe and predictable way to whiten teeth 2-7 shades in a matter of days.

One-hour laser teeth whitening is now more commonly used than the bleaching trays these days. Time, comfort and convenience are the major factors that play a role making the one-hour laser teeth whitening most common.

Costs vary widely depending on the procedure but generally run from $200 – $1,000 with the mid-range being the most common.

Over the counter whitening strips usually only lighten teeth one to two shades on average and normally just the front teeth, but something is better than nothing!

Provided you don’t need any other more pressing dental or orthodontic work done, we definitely suggest you try it.


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