Thinking Of Taking A Cruise?

Cruising can be a wonderful way to get away for a while. But as a Suddenly Solo, there are some things to consider.

If you have never been on a cruise before, you must do your research. For most cruise regions there are periods of peak demand (high season), moderate demand (shoulder season) and low demand (low season). There is a definite seasonality to this sort of vacation that depends almost exclusively on the weather of your departure and your destination(s). In addition, if you are thinking of traveling with your family, school vacations will likely be part of the calculus in planning. Expect to pay premiums based on when you are going as well as the dreaded single supplemental charges for one-person accommodations (this is especially important to remember if you are taking a Singles cruise and don’t want a roommate.)

Since cruise lines are required to report outbreaks of Norovirus, we tend to associate it only with ships. However, you are no more likely to come down with it as you are from any other crowded location. Nonetheless, take some precautions:

  • Bring copies of your medical records (this really applies to all travel!) Copies of prescriptions, physician contact information, any relevant test results.
  • Check your vaccinations. Are they up to date? Whopping cough? Flu??
  • Purchase travel medical insurance. This will insure you are covered at ports of call in case of emergency. Be sure this includes medical evacuation provision in the event you are in a location with less than great medical care.

Larger ships usually have better onboard medical facilities so if you fear sea-sickness or are otherwise concerned about your health, go large.

If you are going to be cruising with your family, consider arriving a day or so before boarding the ship and stay local to give everyone a chance to gather and insulate against unforeseen delays.

Bon Voyage!

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