Apple TV

We admit that we were a bit leery of seemingly adding yet another level of complexity to our High Definition TV . . . but we were wrong.

The diminutive Apple TV box just needs a regular AC outlet and an HDMI input on your flat screen and you will be led through an easy few steps to get online (you do need a wired or wireless network in your home) and get access to a huge array of offerings.

It literally took us no more than 5 minutes to get everything set-up and we dove in to a world of programming. You can catch up on a television series that you never got the chance to watch (i.e. Breaking Bad, 24, Orange Is The New Black, etc.) or see movies that you really did not feel like paying high-priced theater tickets for. There are educational channels galore that with your high-definition TV take on breathtaking proportions (Apple TV is 1080p compatible.) If you are a sports nut, with a subscription to MLB.TV,, or NHL GameCenter, you’ll catch all the action from your favorite teams. If you are so inclined, you can stream content from your computer to the screen and watch those videos and photos on the screen. Although the enclosed remote control is a snap to use (3 buttons!) you can get the “wow” factor by downloading the appropriate app to your cell phone can control it from there!

We definitely suggest you go to to find out more about AppleTV and to get helpful feedback from real users.

The very tiny unit is available for pick-up at your local Apple Store or you can order it on line (free shipping). The cost is a reasonable $99.

There is one caution. With all the great programming available, we wanted the audio experience to match the video so we got a sound-bar for the TV and it made a big difference so be advised!


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