Women vs. Recliners

In much the same way that all women seem to hate The Three Stooges (while guys tend to love them!), a reclining chair will likely polarize along gender lines also. This dichotomy appears whether you are single, married, dating or not. Maybe its just chromosomal!

To many women, they symbolize all that is wrong in a guy’s home. In some respects, they may have a point. In the past, they were large, overstuffed, had a handle (a decorating no-no) and were often well-used to the point of appearing way past their prime (if they had one!) Women generally hate recliners unless they are camouflaged to look like a real chair with a hidden footrest and (again) with no stick on the side. This is why one can often pick up a great recliner off of Craig’s list from some guy that got married last summer!

We men see them as comfortable and dual-purpose . . . sitting and sleeping. And they come with lots of features that can admittedly make them overwhelming in smaller spaces.

Fortunately, style has caught up to the recliner and it may be possible to have one that women don’t find at least symbolically thumbing your nose at them! We suggest that you check out some of the latest looks at sites like Lane, Bassett, Thomasville and the classics, Barcalounger and La-Z-Boy. There are recliners that come in almost any style to go harmoniously with your existing décor without hogging up the room visually. You can also find recliners that are useful for medical conditions such as limited mobility or back problems.

It may take some effort to ferret out a recliner that “works” with your home but it will actually help you when women come to visit. Trust us on this one!

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