“You Must Remember This . . . “

If you remember watching the beach scene with Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster in the film, “From Here To Eternity,” when it was initially released in 1953, you probably thought that kiss was the height of erotica at the time.

Well, now just released research reveals that there is really very little correlation between kissing and elevated sexual arousal. The study, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, was conducted via an international online questionnaire, which was completed by 308 male and 594 female participants aged 18–63 years. It found that initial, first-time kissing was used as a way to assess potential mates among certain demographics . . . specifically women who categorized themselves as above-average in appearance and those favoring casual sex. The long held belief that the function of kissing was to prepare a couple for coitus was not confirmed in the research.

Rafael Wlodarski, a doctoral candidate and lead author of the study conducted at Oxford, found that kissing was rated highly important in the maintenance of relationships. For those looking for (and in) long term-relationships, they rated kissing equally important before sex and at other times not related to sex. For these participants, kissing was least important during sex. Among the study’s participants who said they were in exclusive relationships, frequency of kissing, rather than of sexual intercourse, was best correlated with relationship happiness.

So, being a good-kisser may not be as important as you might have thought insofar as getting a woman into bed but it seems that it will help to keep you with a partner (in and out of the bedroom!)

As an aside, our Suddenly Solo research along these lines showed that women are extremely sensitive to your oral hygiene so a trip to dentist and good brushing/flossing routines are essential if your are thinking of signing-up for this research!

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