Stuff Guys Wear That Women Hate

We get lots of comments from women here at Suddenly Solo. Most of it is good . . . they like our mission and they agree with much of what we say. We know that women buy our book as often as men do so it’s safe to say that although we are certainly “guy-focused,” we are also a sounding board for women as well.

We hear, “Do you want to know what I really hate?” from the ladies and this often includes apparel. So, as a service to us guys, here is a list of things that women have said they really dislike about our fashion sense:

- Cargo Shorts
Women say they are mostly unflattering, making our legs look skinnier as a result of the bulk of the fabric and pockets
- Phones clipped to the belt
Despite the convenience, women really hate this look. They say it harkens back to the days of pocket protectors and when guys would carry slide rules this way.
- Graphic Tee Shirts
Many women say all tee shirts on guys our age, but the ones with “cute” sayings are almost uniformly despised.
- Bad Shoes
Worn sneakers are deal-breakers. In fact, worn anything on your feet are turn-offs to women. Overly styled shoes that have weird patterns or bad leather work are quickly noticed by shoe-conscious ladies (all ladies are shoe-conscious by the way!) Stick with well-maintained classic styles and don’t try to pass off running shoes as real shoes.
- “Hip” dress shirts
The kind with large graphics on the breast pocket, accent pattern reveals in the cuffs or collar, etc. are just too hipster for us to pull off gracefully. Several women mentioned the untucked look as being “sloppy” for older guys and almost all women really disliked the turned-up collar.

There were several other “no-gos” that came up with most relating to just seeing too much of us! This includes necklines that show too much chest hair, deathly pale ankles, form fitting exercise gear, etc. Hey . . . we’re just reporting what we’ve heard!


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