Judge Not What I Drive

Dear Hal-
I have been slowly getting my life back together after a bitter divorce. As you well know, these things take a lot out of you . . . heartache and wallet alike! Anyway, I am still driving a nine-year old car. It is in good, safe shape but it is not going to turn any heads. I started seeing a very nice lady (also divorced) and when we go out together, she always says, “let’s take my car. It’s nicer.” She is right, but I feel bad whenever she says it. Should I say something?



Dear Auto-
Just grin and drive it. It doesn’t sound like she is intentionally belittling you, she just likes her car better. I would not make an issue of this one, Parnelli.

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  1. Bob Smith

    I have had ladies also say that to me,and i just tell them that if they want we can take my truck its only 20 years old but we have to remove the lumber. and my car is 7 years old..

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