The Most Forgotten Filter

Although we here at Suddenly Solo think of ourselves as being “tuned-in” to the things that keep us healthy, we confess that we forgot a simple maintenance item that can impact us: the refrigerator water filter.  Most of us who have ice-makers and/or water dispensers in our refrigerators have a filter to remove various contaminants from the water supply.  Studies have shown that these in-line water filters are quite effective at purifying the water that passes through them.  The majority of these cartridge filters are located at the very bottom of the fridge, with a turn handle that is re-used on the replacement cartridge.  Although the recommended interval for replacement is every six months, if it is just you using the refrigerator, you can probably extend the timing to a year (they calculate usage at 200-500 gallons per year, so you are most likely below this as a solo).  That said, the cartridges can be expensive ($30-40) but when you amortize it over a year, it is not a lot of money to help keep you healthy!   And when you replace the filter, throw out all the ice in the icemaker so it can make a fresh batch!

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