The Return of the Handkerchief

Although most of us only remember our father or grandfather carrying a plain white handkerchief, they are actually a very practical and dare we say, suave accessory to have.  We believe they are ready to make a big comeback and with good reason.

Plain white cotton handkerchiefs (not to be confused with the decorative pocket squares) are not expensive and are usually about 16″ square.  We suggest washing new ones immediately to take out the stiffness and if you iron them (not really necessary) never use starch.  The older they get, the softer they become.  When folded, they fit neatly into a back pocket.

They can be used for your personal hygiene (blowing your nose, wiping your brow, drying your hands, cleaning your glasses, etc.) but a clean handkerchief is also a great way to impress a woman.

It’s not untrue or demeaning to say that women cry. They are just more in touch with their emotions than men. And it is not unlikely that you will encounter a woman breaking into tears at some point in your life . . . often after a “chick flick!” To score huge numbers of points, have that hanky ready. Offering it to her shows her that you are helpful, prepared, and many of the other Boy Scout laws. In other words, you are showing yourself to be a real gentleman. Women love this kind of thing. Trust us on this. HINT: Never ask for it back . . . you may be pleasantly surprised when she returns it to you days later, all washed and accompanied by lots of gratitude.

Some men carry two handkerchiefs . . . one for themselves and the other for, well, others!  Monograming is a nice touch but certainly not a must.  Give it a try and let us know your handkerchief stories!

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