St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Guide


First off, you are under no obligation to drink at all on St. Patrick’s Day.  If you are a non-drinker, then don’t use this day to start – it can get out of hand fast.  Just stick to club soda and enjoy the holiday.  No harm, no foul.

But if you are a drinker, the same caution applies with respect to things getting out of control.  Here are some hints to help you have a good time on March 17th and feel better on March 18th without regrets.

Pre-Plan.  Abstain from any alcohol for at least twenty-four hours prior or more, if possible.  You don’t want to start any drinking before the party starts.  In fact, pacing yourself early on will help you stay engaged longer.  If you don’t already take a multi-vitamin, take one now.  Alcohol is a notorious vitamin-depleting substance. Take a cab over to the event and arrange for a pick-up now.  Having a “hard stop” at a pre-arranged hour helps to move you along.  When should you leave?  Subtract an hour from when you think it would be appropriate.  Don’t drive yourself.

Eat something.  We all know not to drink on any empty stomach because alcohol will enter your bloodstream more rapidly without any food in your system.  Fatty foods with dense carbs will roadblock absorption for a while.  Filling up on hangover-fighting foods will mean it will take longer to feel the alcohol effect and it also gives your body more time to process alcoholic byproducts, thus decreasing your chance of a horrible hangover.

Water yourself down.  Try to have a glass of water between drinks. It will help keep you liquid-satisfied and keep your wits about you!

Don’t mix liquors.  Stay with one type of beverage.  Remember that any kind of carbonation speeds absorption (i.e., tonic, club soda, ginger ale, soda, etc.), so use fruit juice or plain water as a mixer.  The lower alcoholic content of beer offsets the carbonation effect as compared with whiskey, gin, etc.  Beer is actually a good choice if you plan on a few hours of partying (especially if you do the 1:1 booze/water procedure).  Be sure and know where the nearest bathroom is at all times!

Assuming you took the wise step of using a car service in advance, enjoy yourself.  If you are driving, don’t.  It isn’t worth it.  Do the cab thing.


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