iPhone Your Way To Love

And we don’t mean with a new app!

If you have almost any Apple product, then you have access to a wonderful way of meeting new people without having to go online to do it. The Apple Store offers classes on most of their products that are magnets for like-minded individuals of all ages. These free, hour-long workshops cover hardware such as the Mac laptops, iPhones, iPads, as well as the newest operating system (OS X Mavericks), using iCloud to keep your content and iPhoto to import, organize and even enhance your photos.

But beside the actual learning component, the workshops can be terrific opportunities to meet someone. Many women book a workshop during the day so try to get a reservation during this time (you do this online . . . just go to apple.com and follow the links at the bottom of the page). Remember that the stores in more populated locations will logically attract more people!

Balance the educational importance with the social. Dress nicely, and be sure your reading glasses are clean and not coated with fingerprints (women notice!) When you are in the workshop, look around and see if there is someone you might like to make contact with. Fortunately, you both share a common interest so make that your opening line. Suggest getting a cup of coffee after class to try out the new techniques you’ve learned . . . since there is free WiFi, you can find a place online as well as forwarding your email info!

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