Flavor Bombs

When something comes along that makes life easier for us Suddenly Solos, we have to share the good news!  We are giving our Suddenly Solo Seal of Approval to  kitchen-terrific, Flavor Bombs which are frozen, all-natural flavored additives that make cooking easier and tastier than ever for us guys.

They come in frozen, 2 ounce cups that can be used in sauces, meatballs, meatloaf, stews and soups, stuffing, sandwiches, to name just a few ideas.  You just defrost and add them to the base (i.e. plain tomato paste) and then with none of the tedious preparation, you’ve created something special and delicious!  They come in five different flavors and trust us when we say they are perfect for breaking the boredom of our own cooking (and they make enough to impress a dinner guest with your culinary prowess!)

They are available on line at FlavorBombs.net and we suggest ordering the 5-pack to save money. The website also has easy, delicious recipes and helpful videos. Bravo and thanks, Flavor Bombs!

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