Add a Little Spice to Your Recipes


Eating a healthy, well balanced diet is essential but even the best of us can get a bit bored with our salads and home-cooked concoctions after a while.

Well, Linda Gassenheimer who writes the column,  “Dinner in Minutes” ( suggests that we can pep-up tired meals by making our very own flavored vinegars and oils.

Oils can be added to salads, brushed on grilled foods while vinegars great ways to give renewed zest to marinades, sauces, rice and salads as well.

Here is an easy recipe from Linda to prepare an exotic and delicious tasting Curry Oil which is perfect over cooked chicken, rice or to stir into soup:



1 Cup canola oil

2 teaspoons curry powder

2 sealable jars


Pour the oil into a clean jar, and add the curry powder. Shake the jar well and refrigerate for 10 hours overnight.   Pour the oil into another clean jar, leaving the curry powder in the bottom of the first jar and discard.  Store the oil in the refrigerator for up to one month.

Linda’s website is a real treasure-trove for cooking ideas and recipes that will add variety and new tastes to your repertoire.  Some of the ideas are involved while many others (like the one above) are easy but pack a lot of tasteful opportunities with just a little effort on our part!

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