Playing Russian Roulette

Dear Hal-
For the past seven years, I have been a widower. I am 78 years old. I have kept myself busy by staying in the neighborhood where my wife lived and raised our children and have become a very active grandfather. Last year, my son’s family hired an au-pair to help them with three of my grandchildren. She is very pretty (she is from one of the former Russian republics), and we are often together with the kids. I confess that I am attracted to her and she is very flirty and “touchy” with me. Should I pursue this? Am I nuts?

Russian Roulette


Dear Roulette-
While I am all for finding happiness while you are able, I can’t see how pursuing this can be good for you. You may be reacting to the attention of a younger woman but our studies have shown that mature men ultimately prefer the company of women of similar age who have far more relatable experiences and mindsets. I would distance yourself from the young lady and do not encourage any greater degree of familiarity no matter how tempting it seems.

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